What is Forex Pips?

 What is Forex Pips?

What Is Forex Pips:

In the Forex market every currency pair, after every decimal change, a single change in the 4th number or movements is called a pip. Pips are plural of PIPs like Market has changed 120 pips today means the market has changed to 120 pips today. Many people are known pips as points. However, pips are widely used internationally.

Most of the people spend a lot of time knowing what pips are. Let’s see, if we can learn with ease using some example.

Example 1:

You open your terminal (trading software). Now See, before sometimes EUR/USD was 1.4340 and currently, it is 1.4345.

How many pips are changed?

Find out = 1.4345-1.4340 = 0.0005

As I said earlier, the counting of pips begins after the decimal number four numbers. Forget the decimal, let’s calculate in an easy way.

4345-4380 = 5.

That’s means, the market has changed to 5 pips.

So say now,

Example 2:

GBB/USD went from 1.5630 to 1.5639. How did the market pips move?
5639-5630 = 9 pips.

Something more:

Market Movement (EUR/USD)

Previously 1.3450, currently 1.3322 = 3450 – 3432 = 18 pips market movement.

Previously 1.3450, currently 1.3550 = 3550 – 3450 = 100 pips market movement.

Previously 1.3750, currently 1.3432 = 3750 – 3432 = 318 pips market movement.

Previously there were 1.4450, currently 1.3450 = 4450 – 3450 = 1000 pips market movement.

Hope you get it. Let’s test yourself :

Question 2:

EUR/USD was earlier 1.3570, currently 1.3550.

How did the market pips move?

If you can understand that you are on the right track.

You need to have a clear idea of pips, because –

The forex market is calculated with the movement pips. Often you get the Euro/USD today will pay 200 pips. The market is moving very fast, we have increased 100 pips in 5 minutes etc.


Some brokers have 5 digits after the price decrease. Such as 1.425561 This is the fifth digit so the pipettes. So if the price goes from 1.45261 to 1.426667, it should be understood that 10 pipes increased by 6 pipettes or 106 pipettes have been changed.


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